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James Tarr



“From the first chapter until the last graf, I was intrigued by the plot, engaged by the characters, and surprised by (Tarr’s) breadth of knowledge. In fact, when I finished ‘Whorl’ I complained to Tarr about his leaving me wanting more. Get your own. You can’t borrow mine.”
—The Outdoor Wire

“Car chases, multiple gun fights, organized crime families and private military contractors are all thrown into the mix. The story uses the background of the Detroit area in a creative way as it is part of the novel. It is definitely worth the time and money.”
—Front Sight

“This book is filled with memorable characters—including the city of Detroit, which serves as more than a backdrop and takes on a character of its own. Whorl is gritty, action packed….and once the story starts to unfold, you’ll find yourself engrossed in a web of treachery and intrigue. Whorl is definitely one of those books that is hard to put down.”
—Gun World

“Engaging and well-paced. I devoured Whorl with a voracious appetite, and, indeed, I’m still left wanting more.” — American Rifleman



During a routine background check of a Special Agent applicant an FBI lab tech discovers the young man’s fingerprints are an identical match to not one but two other people already in the system. Aside from actual confessions more crimes have been solved by fingerprints than any other type of evidence, and this discovery could throw legal systems around the world into chaos–if it becomes public knowledge.

Powerful government forces in the FBI and beyond immediately try to remove all the evidence–which includes the idealistic lab tech who made the discovery and Dave Anderson, the young man whose dream it has been to become an FBI Special Agent. The racially divided gritty dystopia that is modern Detroit provides the backdrop as forces move against Anderson–but young men drawn to law enforcement are rarely blank pages, and Anderson already has more than his share of secrets.

The question is, who can he trust with them?