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James Tarr

Waiting for the Kick




Book Two in the Whorl series.
The highly anticipated sequel to Tarr’s groundbreaking Whorl, Waiting For the Kick meets up with Dave Anderson two years after the events of Whorl. Pietro Bufonte, head of Detroit’s largest organized crime family, still wants Anderson dead for killing his son, and is searching relentlessly for him. World-famous, loved by many (and hated by even more) Tohono County Sheriff John Osterman, who saved Anderson’s life, is now trying to save his soul while dealing with brutal cartel killers. Anderson, left near death, now dealing with both PTSD and survivor’s guilt, is hiding out in the Southwest. His fingerprints, which matched two other people and caused so much heartache and death, have been burned off-but is that enough for the government forces which tried so hard to kill him and bury his secret? He thinks they’ll be coming for him, he just doesn’t know when. Anderson, oblivious to the storms gathering around him, is not sure he even deserves to live, but he’s vowed to himself that when they come for him, he won’t go down without a fight.