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James Tarr



“Dogsoldiers invents a new genre while endorsing an older one: it’s the familiar desperate-men, desperate mission story, dating as far back as The Iliad. However, in Tarr’s talented hands it becomes something brand new: a desperate mission at the end of civilization, with all the grit and savagery that implies.” –Stephen Hunter, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of the Bob Lee Swagger series

(With Dogsoldiers)I’m pretty sure I’m reading future history… Unputdownable.  Freakin’ brilliant.  James Tarr has done an amazing thing…he has built a perfectly constructed, narrowly focused…dare I say, intimate?…portrait of men and women at war –Michael Bane

“I advise you not to start reading on a night when you have to be up early the next morning. You won’t get much sleep. You’ll either read all night, or toss-and-turn over his dark prediction for our future. Dogsoldiers is a piece of dystopian fiction that just might set you thinking about what could be ahead for the country. But it will keep you entertained while you’re worrying.” –The Outdoor Wire



Tarr’s groundbreaking work of speculative fiction that is growing closer to reality every day…

Nearly ten years into a horrific Civil War which has claimed the lives of millions, and that neither side seems to be winning, a squad of guerrillas crawls through the remains of a once-great city far behind enemy lines. Tired, embittered, always short on food, water, and, most of all, ammo, they continue to fight, convinced of their cause.

Then they’re given a chance, a mission that could change the direction of the war. Could change everything.  But to accomplish their task, they’ll have to risk everything.

Nobody can agree on how or even when the war started.  But, hopefully, this is where it ends.