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James Tarr

Fire and Bone


Book Two in the Echoes of Pangaea Series.



After decades of civil war La Fuerza is on the run in Mexico, the communist guerrilla army seemingly on its last legs.  Sergeant Seamus O’Malley was a big reason for their current ill-fortune and the veteran private contractor now has a huge price on his head.  He’s given an easy executive protection job in remote Cancun, but isn’t happy about his new “babysitting” assignment.

The war rages on, sparking the worst wildfires the country has ever seen.  The descendants of the genetically-engineered animals once filling Pangaea, the former dinosaur park, are forced by the fires to flee throughout Mexico, causing chaos. La Fuerza struggles for a victory, for its very existence, its brutal soldiers willing to do whatever it takes, and they need a win.

A mercenary with a bounty on his head and the billionaire’s daughter he protects seem an easy target.

Past the oblivious tourists and bright lights Cancun is an island of civilization surrounded by jungle and death, holding its breath, waiting for the worst to happen.

There’s trouble in paradise, and Seamus O’Malley couldn’t be happier.