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James Tarr

The Ghosts of Xicotepec


Book Three in the Echoes of Pangaea Series



The Mexican civil war, after decades, is all but over. But a review of captured documents reveals a secret—the now-deceased guerrilla leader of La Fuerza was, for over a decade, stealing from his own revolution. Billions of dollars, enough to sustain the war effort if discovered, or perhaps even topple the struggling Mexican government. Private contractor Seamus O’Malley, leading an elite team, is tasked with locating and retrieving the cash.

The Mexican Attorney General thinks the money is hidden somewhere near Xicotepec, a remote mountainous town that lately has been dealing with mysterious animal attacks. The locals think it might be jaguars. The truth is far more terrifying.

Meanwhile, an international team of scientists returns to Pangaea, the abandoned dinosaur park. They’ve discovered a secret has been hidden there for 20 years, something that could revolutionize medicine and is sure to earn someone a Nobel Prize once they find it…provided nothing unexpected happens.

But they can’t escape the bloody echoes of Pangaea, where hardly anything ever goes as planned.