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Hardcover versions are available now, not just for Dogsoldiers, but for my entire Fallen Republic Series–Cascade, The Snarling Sea, and Chasing Echoes.  Autographed versions will be available here very shortly.

The Fallen Republic series update

Okay, I admit I’ve been doing a horrible job of updating people through the website of the status of upcoming projects.  Mea culpa.  The 3rd book in the series, Chasing Echoes, should be out August 15.

New novel CASCADE is out!

My new novel CASCADE, the first book in my Fallen Republic zombie/pandemic thriller series is out on Kindle and in paperback.  If you like any of my other novels, especially Dogsoldiers, you’ll like this one.  The second book in the series. The Snarling Sea,...

Bestiarii now available on audiobook

I’m happy to announce that Bestiarii, and in fact the entire Echoes of Pangaea series, is going to be available on audiobook.  Bestiarii was released on Aprill 11, and Fire and Bone I believe should be out in the next week or so, with The Ghosts of Xicotepec out...

The Greatest Action Movie Hero You’ve Never Heard Of

In the 1980s and ‘90s, action movies, and action comedies, were the hot genre.  They were what audiences wanted to see, and so everybody was making them—every studio, and every actor.  Hell, even Whoopi Goldberg made three action comedies—Jumping Jack Flash, Burglar,...